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Remembering Yesterday Revisiting Today

Re-envisioning Tomorrow

Greenforest Academy Foundation (GAF) is the major fundraising entity for Greenforest-McCalep Christian Academic Center (GMCAC). Our charge is to address the ever-expanding requirements for maintaining high-level standards to meet the spiritual, academic, social and cultural needs of the students. Our vision is to support the development of outstanding future leaders by building the fiscal foundation necessary to provide a stellar, Christian education.


Our mission is to solicit and obtain funding and services to support the Academy’s strategic projects and programs.  This financial support comes through annual giving, capital campaigns, planned giving, corporate and foundation giving, and other ongoing fundraising programs.  Gifts are tax-deductible.

Preserving the Legacy
Your gift to GMCA makes a difference to every student and teacher in our school. 
Gifts bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Greenforest Christian Academy education, allowing us to offer the highest quality program, at tuition levels that are affordable to more families and students.
Your participation is key. Each gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. That is why we ask you to participate and make a gift to Greenforest Christian Academy. We need your continues support to preserve our LEGACY.


The Spirit of GOAL Award recognizes the school that made the best effort at recommending students from low and middle income households for receipt of GOAL Scholarships. For 2016, the award goes to a school committed to providing opportunities to minority students in at-risk communities. The leaders at this school believe in the futures of the GOAL students and in their abilities to succeed and to make a difference in their communities. The heart the GOALTender has for helping students achieve their dreams is something we deeply admire. We appreciate our partnership with this school under the leadership of Head Of Schools, Dr. Bruce McColumn Jr. The award goes to Greenforest McCalep Christian Academy. 

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed and Governor Sonny Perdue enacted the Qualified Education Expense Credit law that permits Georgia taxpayers to receive a state income tax credit for amounts contributed to qualified student scholarship organizations ("SSOs"). The scholarships are awarded to students who are currently enrolled in a Georgia secondary or primary public school or who are eligible to enroll in Pre-K4, Kindergarten or 1st grade program. Recipient students use their GOAL Scholarships to attend the private K-12 schools of their parents’ choice.

Top 5 reasons to contribute to GOAL

1.    The state of Georgia is actually letting you decide how to spend some of your state income tax dollars.

2.    You can make a significant financial contribution, designated for the private school you believe in, and receive a dollar for dollar credit against your Georgia income taxes and charitable deduction on your federal income taxes!

3.    Giving parents a choice to improve K-12 education for their children will improve our communities and our state.

4.    Greenforest-McCalep Christian Academy benefits through increased enrollment, increased tuition income and more funds available to improve educational and other offerings.

5.    Invest in your Decatur community and invest in a child who deserves a better future - and do it with dollars you would otherwise have to send to the government!


Click here to start the paperless process.

The Spirit of Goal Award

A Tax Credit for You 
A Scholarship For

A Student

Redirect your tax dollars today and

W I N! 
Help a student attend Greenforest-McCalep Christian Academy 
Its a WIN- WIN!!

Consider this...

Contributions to GOAL are also deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Your contributions will provide scholarships for students to attend Greenforest-McCalep Christian Academy.

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